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The 411 on Bullying

School is hard enough without having to deal with bullies, teasers or other kids who are just mean! So, you have a problem with someone in your class. Are you being bullied? Read on to find out!

What is Bullying?

  • The behavior must be repeated. If a behavior occurs only once, it may constitute harassment, but it is not bullying.
  • The behavior must be unwanted, offensive, threatening, insulting, humiliating, or causes the target to feel so stressed, injured or threatened that it interferes with his/her educational performance.
  • There must be an imbalance of power between the victim and the aggressor.

“Bullying” is systematically or chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological distress on one or more students or employees. Bullying may involve but is not limited to:

  1. unwanted teasing
  2. threatening/intimidating behavior
  3. stalking or cyberstalking
  4. cyberbullying
  5. physical violence
  6. theft or destruction of school or personal property
  7. sexual, religious, or racial harassment
  8. public humiliation
  9. social exclusion, including incitement and or coercion
  10. rumor or spreading of falsehoods

Bullies pick on certain people they feel are different in some way. They have friends who think bullying is funny, but it isn't funny. It's WRONG!

Ohio Department of Education Guidelines for Bullying

Oak Hills School District Board Policy on Hazing and Bullying


  • If you are being bullied, it isn't your fault! The bully has the problem.
  • You don't have to put up with it.
  • It is hard to admit that it might be happening to you.
  • There are people who can help you.

Are You or a Friend Being Bullied?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Did someone say or do something to you that made you feel bad or afraid?
  • Has it happened more than once?
  • Are they bigger, older, or in some way more powerful than you are?

If the answer is YES to each of these questions, YOU ARE BEING BULLIED!

Still Unsure? Ask yourself these questions.......

  • Am I playing sick in the morning so I won't have to go to school and face a bully?
  • Do I walk home another way or try to avoid the bus so no one will bother me?
  • Does someone take things from me or make me give them stuff?
  • Does someone say mean things about me or tell other kids not to play or hang out with me?
  • Does someone call me names?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you may be being bullied. You need to talk to someone about this!

I'm Being Bullied! What Do I Do Now?

If you are bullied, you may not know what to do. It is hard to know what to do because:

  • You might think the bully can beat you up, and maybe he can.
  • The bully might have lots of friends and you don't.
  • You don't think your teacher can help.
  • You are afraid to tell because you think no one will believe you or you think that the bullying will get worse.

My Friend is Being Bullied! What Can I Do?

  • It is good to try to help. Don't make the kid who is being bullied feel worse by laughing or doing nothing.
  • Tell an adult right away.
  • If you can, tell the bully to stop. Explain that it is wrong to bully people. State what you don't like and how you want it fixed. For example, "I don't like it when you pick on Mike; it's not funny. I want you to stop right now."
  • Walk away with the person who is being bullied.
  • Talk to the person who is bullied; tell them that you will be her friend. You can never have too many friends!

Ways to Deal with Bullies:

  • Don't react. Try acting like the bully does not bother you. Bullies like it when you get mad or upset. (This is hard and may take some practice.)
  • Steer clear of the bully.
  • Try ignoring; you can walk away, or not say anything.
  • Stay close to people who are not bullies. Safety in numbers!
  • Tell the bully to stop in a firm voice. Say things like, "I don't like being called names, I want you to stop now."

What NOT to do if you are bullied. DON'T:

  • Fight. You will just get in trouble and you could get hurt.
  • Do nothing. You need a plan, and you need some help, so TELL someone.
  • Skip school. This problem is not going to go away.
  • Hurt yourself. This is not your fault.

Report Bullying Right Away!

Telling an adult that you or a friend is being bullied, isn't tattling. Tattling is when you tell on another kid to get her into trouble. Telling is when you tell something that helps someone get out of trouble or keeps someone from getting hurt! So, if you or a friend is being bullied:

  • Tell someone. Tell your teacher. Tell your parents. Tell a friend. Tell the principal or your guidance counselor. Ask to talk to your school psychologist. These people will listen and help you decide what to do. If this is happening, tell an adult!
  • If the person you told cannot help you or does not do anything, find someone else! Never keep being bullied a secret!

How do I file a report of bullying? 

There are several methods for reporting suspected bullying incidents:

  • You can contact a school by phone and report it to school personnel - Click here
  • You can make a report in person to your principal or counselor.
  • Your parents can report bullying for you. Ask them to talk to your school principal or your teacher. Our District Website has a link for reporting.
  • When you report bullying make sure you tell who the bully is, how you are being bullied, when it happens, and where it happens.

What happens next?

  • Administrators will acknowledge receipt of your report as soon as possible.
  • A preliminary review of the incident may be conducted to determine need for the investigation.
  • If warranted, an investigation will be conducted.
  • Parents of the victim and bully will be notified of the results and the school will take appropriate action.