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College Credit Plus

  • Courses in multiple subject areas
  • The successful completion of college courses shall result in the awarding of college credit and conversion of college credit hours to units of high school graduation credit
  • Intended to provide expanded opportunities for appropriately qualified high school students to experience coursework at the college or university level
  • Option 1: Classes taught by OHHS faculty recognized as adjunct instructors in OHHS classrooms
  • Option 2: Provides students with the opportunity to enroll at the college or university on a full or a part-time basis, with any remaining courses to be taken at the high school


General Session Recording

Cincinnati State Presentation

University of Cincinnati Presentation

Sinclair Community College Presentation


Annual Notice of Information

Students/Families must submit the CCP Intent Form to Mrs. Johnson in room 305 by April 1st. This form indicates that students/families understand the program and policies; it also is declaring the student's intent to pursue the program.  

Print this INTENT FORM, sign, and return to Mrs. Johnson.

Print this PERMISSION SLIP, sign, and return to Mrs. Johnson (see below for details in Updates section)

Click here for the Oak Hills Pathway Model (List of Courses)
Click here to read more about College Credit Plus from ODE.

College Credit Plus (General Program Information, Policies, and Procedures)



Cincinnati State

University of Cincinnati

Sinclair Community College


  • Selective Service System - Under Federal and State Law, male students who are 18 years of age or older and who are classified as an Ohio resident by the public college or university they are attending through the College Credit Plus program are required to be registered with the Selective Service Program. 
    • Participating males are required to provide their Selective Service number to the public college or university with 30 days of their 18th birthday.  If they do not submit thier number, they will not be considered a CCP participant for that semester and will be responsible for any tuition, textbooks or fees associated with the classes for which they are enrolled.
  • Mature Content Permission Slip - Colleges, universities and secondary schools must provide information about mature subject matter in college courses to students and parents/guardians.
    •    ODE has developed a permission slip that must be signed by the student and parent and submitted with the application materials to each college or university they wish to apply.