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Communicating with OHHS

Easy Communications with OHHS!
Do You Want to Know What Is Going on at OHHS?
This Will Help You!

OHHS Website and Email

The OHHS website is your one stop shopping for news, pictures, links, calendars, and information. The webpage is updated frequently and is the quickest way to provide you with information. Often information is posted to the OHHS website before it has a chance to make it home in newsletters, mailings, or phone calls.

Oak Hills Local Schools

Oak Hills High School

OHHS Weekly Email can be sent to your e-mail! Parents, we send out a weekly email through email that will help keep you informed of important dates and events that are happening at Oak Hills High School. If you would like to receive this newsletter, please email Jacquie Matre at [email protected] with your student(s) grade and your email address.

Student Announcements can be found on the website. This is a perfect tool for students who attend classes at Diamond and Scarlet Oaks, PSEO students, and anyone who needs to know!

OHHS Calendar of Events – Calendar of Events can be found on the right hand side of the website.


Oak Hills Student Email Addresses – Parents Have Access

Central to our eLearning efforts at Oak Hills Local School District is the idea that electronic resources can be a powerful tool when used effectively and appropriately.  Electronic communications (such as email) are one example.  In our work and family lives, most of us use email to interact with others daily.

Historically, schools have taught students how to write professional and personal letters.  In our world today, email communications have largely replaced letter writing.  While this is a skill we continue to teach, we also feel it is important to teach students the effective use of email.

In addition, as our library of electronic resources and opportunities continues to grow, our need to communicate and share with our students electronically also grows.

For these reasons, and many others, we have provided each of our students a district-owned Gmail account to which you will have access.  Students will be told that teachers and parents will have access to their login credentials so they may check the account at any time.

Your child’s Gmail and password has been placed on his/her EMA form (the link is located at  Your child’s username is the same as their email address minus the For example, if my child’s email address is [email protected], his username would be 21MickeyMouse.  Your student will not be able to change his/her password so you can be assured of access to the account at all times.

If you would like the email that is being sent to your child’s Oak Hills Gmail account to be forwarded to your personal email account, use this link for instructions (it is case sensitive)

Staff Email Addresses

The Administration and Faculty of Oak Hills High School believes strongly that education is a joint effort and that strong contact with the families of our students is at the heart of a successful academic career.  With that in mind, here are the most effective ways of reaching the faculty of Oak Hills High School:

By E-mail: E-mail is the most efficient way of reaching a teacher throughout the school day. To reach a teacher via e-mail, you may either check the Oak Hills website for a quick-link, or in general, the e-mail addresses of OHHS teachers follow this format: Last Name­_First [email protected]

For example: Joe Smith = [email protected]

Please Note – Not all e-mail addresses follow this format.  Please check the OHHS Directory to be certain.

By Phone: All teachers have a voice mailbox where you can leave a message. To reach a teacher’s mailbox, please call 922-2300 and follow the instructions.