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OHHS Counseling Office


Mr. Ken Meibers, School Counselor Students, A-Ci
Mrs. Angie Ray, School Counselor Students, Cj - Go
Mrs. Courtney Ruther, School Counselor Students, Gr - Ko
Ms. Hannah Burns, School Counselor Students, Kr - O
Mrs. Kyna Southworth, School Counselor Students, P - Sn
Mrs. Katie Johnson, School Counselor Students, So - Z
Mrs. Fran Gilreath, College Counselor
Ms. Kristin Fraley, School Psychologist Students, A - Go
Mrs. Amy Asper, School Psychologist Students, Gr - O
Mr. DJ Young, School Psychologist Students, P - Z
Ms. Lizzy Wessel, School Psychologist, Great Oaks Students


After Hours Student Safety Emergency:

School Counselors are not on-call outside of school hours. If you have a student safety emergency after hours, call 911.

OHHS Counseling Center Mission

The mission of the Oak Hills High School Counseling Center is to advocate for the unique needs of each individual student with the support of a dedicated team: the student, educators, parents, and the community. We provide academic, career, and personal counseling to facilitate students in the development and achievement of their educational and personal goals as they compete in a 21st Century marketplace.